Keiana & Gerard - Beverly Hills Courthouse Elopement


Keiana and Gerard are very low-key, down-to-earth people. When you talk to them, they’re grounded; both of them have an energy like oak trees, roots deep underground and branches strong and flourishing. But when they look at each other, something incredible happens — they both light up, and suddenly they’re floating on air.


I loved shooting this elopement, because these two know what a good wedding is all about: gathering your closest loved ones, dressing up in your finest duds, professing your love to each other all day long…. then buying everyone a 5-star steak dinner and lots of champagne. Seriously.


The quick but heartfelt ceremony, with handwritten vows:


Wait wait wait… did I mention the steak dinner? Surf and turf at Ocean Prime, to be exact:


When dinner was over, we walked outside and wa-lah! It was magic hour:


I absolutely LOVE this wedding because it just goes to show that as long as you’re putting your resources into the things that are important to you — like flying out family that you haven’t seen in years, or treating people to dinner at one of your favorite restaurants — your wedding will be truly special. You don’t need all the bells and whistles!

And after all… the best things in life are free.
Like sunsets. And palm trees. And glittering lights. And long, slow kisses…!

Best of luck, Keiana and Gerard!

Marie & Kaleb - Orcutt Ranch, West Hills, CA

Marie and Kaleb are both writers with very independent, DIY, low-key personalities. They wanted a wedding that would be as quick, simple, and low-stress as possible — but of course, they made sure it was still touching and lovely! Marie loves flowers, so their biggest excess was to have gorgeous flowers spread throughout the property. They eschewed as much formality as possible, leaving us with a stripped-down wedding that focused on their family, friends, and the incredible love that they share. Forget all the fancy stuff — real love is worth its weight in gold. - R

Nora & Noah - St. Hedwig Church & Chicago Urban Arts Society, Chicago IL

Nora & Noah - St. Hedwig Church & Chicago Urban Arts Society, Chicago IL

There is a moment in every wedding narrative where everything comes together in the most unbelievable synchronicity and flow and it feels like an out of body experience. So when it rained on and off, neither lost their cool, and when the clouds parted and the sun washed over them for a few moments, they found a perfect place to meet in the middle, enveloped in their love.

Melissa & Adam - The Murphy & Driehaus Museum, Chicago IL

There is nothing like a wedding in Chicago that's a throwback to the Roaring Twenties. Melissa and Adam's celebration could have only been made more perfect if they'd a time machine. Luckily, with two gorgeous venues and a crisp November day, the duo conjured up some lovely magic and we all pretended, just for a few hours, to be as daring and dapper as we wished to be.