Rebecca, she/her

I love shooting offbeat weddings and unique couples. Every wedding takes me back to my own backyard wedding -- the emotions, the laughter, the joy. I love capturing the colors, the light, and dynamic shadows; the beautiful prism that persists despite it all! 

What I love most about photography is its ability to crystalize moments as they really are; the emotional, candid moments; the un-noticed, quiet things that happened nonetheless... and I love to capture these slices of life with love and honesty.

These are a few of my favorite things:  womanism, Agnes Varda, John Cassavetes, Hayao Miyazaki, "Murder She Wrote," "Columbo" (and Peter Falk!), Antonín Dvořák, Nina Simone, "The Artist's Way," James Baldwin, animals (especially my cat), Los Bros Hernandez, bibimbap, homemade ice cream, fresh pasta with fresh cheese, dim sum carts, musicals (ask me about Sondheim, I dare you).




O, she/they
CA associate

As an artist, I’ve made it my duty to reflect the way we celebrate marriage today. I am most interested in the ways in which we subvert, disrupt, and ultimately, reclaim what marriage can be for each and everyone of us.

I am thrilled to be able to document vanguards like you who are celebrating community and inclusion as primary to what it is to be in love and to marry in these times.

These are a few of my favorite things: womanism, black American vernacular, craft beer, dogs (my Scottie-Boxer pup, Zooey, being my favorite), reading, "The Artist's Way," Soren Kierkegaard, drinking rye whiskey, neat, collecting cookbooks; playing video games, Sailor Moon, reading Tarot, mountain hikes, r&b + hip hop (golden age!), BEYONCE, french press coffee, new orleans, la & tokyo, jp.


Steph, she/her
Midwest associate

I like to think of myself as a visual interpreter of the many different emotions that make us so beautifully human. I read special moments and transcribe them into a vivid, true-to-life image that is forever captured in time. My photography is an act of love, and the camera is my instrument. I can’t think of a better occasion to perform this service than at a wedding, where I have the privilege of bearing witness to one of the most profound expressions of love. The two simply go hand-in hand.

It’s also important for me to document how love manifests itself in ways that are not widely represented. I invite work from clients who want to shake up the old notions and prejudices of what love looks like. I am honored to preserve your memories with sincerity and authenticity.

These are a few of my favorite things: womanism, travel, astrology, thrift-store finds, wearing black, giant family style meals, cheese, chocolate, putting avocado on everything, my big fluffy tuxedo cat named Hans, meditating, camping & hiking, scary movies, dancing, Chicago house music, sweating while eating spicy food


Hannah, she/her
East Coast associate

The best thing about weddings is that I get to be part of people's special days. It's an honor to be part of their story and witness a significant moment in their lives. (Note from Rebecca: Hannah is an incredible documentarian! Every time she posts new work, I am in awe! You would be incredibly lucky to have her discerning eye on your wedding day.)

These are a few of my favorite things: cat videos, K-dramas, eating grapefruit, personality tests, earl grey anything, bouldering, fall season, mountains, chocolate milk